Olfaction and Taste

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Olfaction and Taste

By: Carl Pfaffmann

Publication date: January 1969
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This book contains the papers from the third international symposium on olfaction and taste, part of a series held by the International Congress of Physiology. Papers  were selected because of their pertinence to the several themes. For each receptor system, olfaction and taste, there was, on the first day, a consideration of the basic receptor mechanisms, their morphology, physiology, and biochemistry. On the second day, psychophysics and sensory coding were discussed. The third day was concerned with the role of chemoreceptors in behavior, including taste preferences, appetite, specific hungers, pheromones, and chemical communication in the control of behavior.

Pages: 670
Language: English
Publisher: The Rockefeller University Press
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Carl Pfaffmann