Taste, Olfaction, and the Central Nervous System

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Taste, Olfaction, and the Central Nervous System

A Festschrift in Honor of Carl Pfaffmann

By: Donald W. Pfaff

Publication date: January 1984
SKU: 9780874700640
ISBN: 9780874700640

Taste and olfaction often work in collaboration. Olfaction as a distance chemoreceptor has certain different biological functions than the more contactual chemoreception of taste. This collaboration is the topic of this book.

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In this book, we discuss a field of work that links neural mechanisms with behavior. Modern summaries of the requirements for patterns of activity across nerve fibers, as well as the usefulness of more narrowly tuned taste receptive fibers for the direction of particular behavioral responses, are included.

Pages: 352
Language: English
Publisher: The Rockefeller University Press
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