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The Question of Animal Awareness
Evolutionary Continuity of Mental Experience
Author: Donald R. Griffin
Discovery in Cell Biology
Author: Joseph G. Gall, Author: Keith R. Porter, Author: Philip Siekevitz
Private Philanthropy and Public Elementary and Secondary Education
Proceedings of the Rockefeller Archive Center Conference held on June 8, 1979
Author: Gerald Benjamin
Heraclitean Fire
Sketches from a Life before Nature
Author: Erwin Chargaff
Heraclitean Fire
International Cell Biology, 1976-1977
Author: B.R. Brinkley , Author: Keith R. Porter
Institute to University
A Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Colloquium
Beyond Tomorrow
Trends and Prospects in Medical Science
The Professor, the Institute, and DNA
Oswald T. Avery, His Life and Scientific Achievements
Author: René J. Dubos
Recollections of Detlev W. Bronk
By colleagues and friends at a gathering in Caspary Auditorium on February 18, 1976
Author: Darwin H. Stapleton
The Greatest Adventure
Basic Research that Shapes Our Lives
Author: Eugene H. Kone, Author: Helene J. Jordan